For the very first time, Hidden Herd proudly presents their Tracks of the Year 2015.

Saltwater Sun ‘Habit On My Mind’

Saltwater Sun - Hidden Herd

What we said:

Saltwater Sun‘s ray-soaked jams are instantly evocative. Our head vacuums in grainy images of endless beaches shot through hazy filters when we listen to their early slew of demos, and not just because of the London band’s perfectly apt moniker; their tracks are strewn with spangly licks and woozy, weather-bleached boy-girl harmonies.” Read More

Demo Taped ‘Cozy’

Demo Taped - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“At 17, Atlanta-based Adam Alexander (or Demo Taped) has boldly attempted to breath fresh air into a genre at risk of over-saturating. The stop-start percussion and unsettling, yet alluring synths make this song both distinctive and memorable, whilst Alexander’s delicate vocals provide a vessel for you to see the song through till the very end.” Read More

Ghost Suns ‘Stay’

Ghost Suns - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“The thrilling first offerings from Londoners Ghost Suns are shots of new wave-inspired bliss; the sort of tracks that would feel at home soundtracking a neon noir or stylish dystopian future flick. Warped synths, icy filtered vocals and an earworming refrain make up the mesmerising ‘Stay’, which sounds like Crystal Castles‘ Robert Smith collaboration (‘Not In Love’) if The Cure singer was replaced by Elizabeth Sankey of Summer Camp.” Read More

Pleasure Beach ‘Go’

Pleasure Beach - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“The excitement blew out of our eyes in beams of light when we first encountered the soaring sound of new Belfast quintet Pleasure Beach. In an open-top Cadillac at sunset is where you could imagine their inaugural tune ‘Go’ filling your ears, as you stare fixedly at the endless road beyond while the wind fusses with your tangled mane. Its electro pop the way Springsteen would have it; a rousing concoction of new wave and Americana that sounds like The War on Drugs doing Bowie‘s ‘Heroes’ with extra synths.” Read More

PREP ‘Cheapest Flight

PREP - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“Breathy vocal samples. Check. The funkiest feelgood melodies we can recall since Breakbot‘s ‘Baby I’m Yours’. Check. Delorean‘s sunray-inspired vibes rolled slickly into one four-minute sugar rush. Check. Londoners PREP have nailed it; if ‘it’ for you is a slab of silky smooth electro pop that fizzes with enthusiasm as if its jetting off on its first summer getaway.” Read More

Slum Sociable ‘All Night’

Slum Sociable - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“There have been some killer singles this year – Tame Impala‘s ‘Let It Happen’, the title track from EL VY‘s October-bound debut LP, ‘Go’ by Belfast band Pleasure Beach (which we featured here in July) – and now we’re going to go right ahead and add Slum Sociable‘s latest offering to that esteemed list.” Read More


Louver - Hidden Herd

What we said:

Louver is not afraid to indulge in his own creativity, allowing him to create an original sound that gives the listener a direct view into his musical tastes. Occasionally, such an approach to songwriting can often sound forced or misjudged, but every now and then (albeit infrequently), an artist pushes through with confidence and grit.” Read More

Owen Rabbit ‘Holy Holy’

Owen Rabbit - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“‘Holy Holy’ throws a more accessible spin on James Blake‘s beat-sacred percussion, layering a delicate falsetto voice over increasingly strong bass-heavy synths. The list of influencers here could go on and on; fans of ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare will have a lot of fun with this one, whilst Owen Rabbit (aka Owen Rees) adds his own edge, akin to Jack Garratt‘s approach which satisfies the appetites of you heavy bass heads out there.” Read More


BLY - Hidden Herd

What we said:

“After an imposing start, the aptly-named ‘Superfluid’ kicks in with an effortless mix of funk and liquid vibes. Fans of the soul-tinted Honne and Demo Taped will feel at home here, yet BLY certainly brings something new to the mix.” Read More

Starling ‘Misfit’

Starling - Hidden Herd

“Relatively new to the game, Starling‘s broody pop invokes open feelings of intimacy, bringing you in close to her despair over the darker sides of the human condition. Her style is both inviting and unsettling, using swelling pianos to cast an intense, gothic spell over London with some powerful confidence. This aura will certainly help her to stand out from the crowd.” Read More


Indigo Child - Hidden Herd

What we said:

INDIGO CHILD‘s sleek psych pop may have come of age amid the Big Smoke’s suffocating bustle, but it’s far more fitting of the snaky trees and dishevelled wilderness.’Shangri La’ is like Prince fronting a sedate Flaming Lips in the belly of the forest, with its 60s vibe bass, soft-focus spin on Nuggets-era garage rock and floaty falsetto.” Read More