The 1st of June marks the release of Albin Lee Meldau’s highly anticipated debut album ‘About You’. This singer-songwriter has a unique ability for authentic visual storytelling while his voice exemplifies the intensity of the passion in his lyrics. We caught up with this talented singer-songwriter ahead of a string of shows in the U.S. supporting the phenomenal Jessie Ware and the release of ‘About You‘.

The Weight Is Gone‘ is such a vibrant, snappy track, how did the song come about?

It was written in LA and was originally even faster. It’s a love song about how love also can be the worst feeling in life…

Your debut album is released on June 1st via Astralwerks, how does it feel to be so close to releasing it to the world?

It feels fantastic! I’m so proud and it’s been a long journey to get here so I’m just over the moon. I love this record and had an amazing time creating it.

You’ve got some upcoming dates across Europe and the UK coming up, including a sold out date at London’s iconic Omeara on April the 17th, how important is playing live for you?

Playing live is like being in a theatre. It should involve a bit of sweat, tears and exorcism to be the real deal. I love playing live and this album was made to play with a beat, live.

The video for your track ’Lou Lou’ is extremely visually striking and depicts paramedics arriving to save a woman who’s suffering a drug overdose. How did the idea for the video originate?

It’s a dark story I made and is an insight into the world of all the poor people in the opioid epidemic. 

You’re from Sweden and were born into a musical family. How do you feel that your upbringing influences your music today?

I owe everything to my family. Both my parents are vocalists. My mother is a music teacher and my father was a Lighting Director at the theatres. It helps me to this day. My father and I wrote “Lovers”. 

And finally, what does the future hold for you?

More shows, more gigs and hopefully another record. I wish wonderful summer and a great World Cup for Sweden and Zlatan to come back. A lot of work and a lot of traveling.

You can check out the video for Albin Lee Meldau’s track ‘The Weight is Gone’ below and all future tour dates can be found here (