South coast songwriter and producer John Sterry – AKA BILLIONAIRE – continues in the vein of his stellar output so far with noirish new track ‘REASONS TO BE FEARFUL’.

The single features Sterry’s sparse synthwork, socially conscious lyrics and understated hooks, harnessing the sounds of early electronic Krautrock and post-punk to create something that’s minimal and brooding in atmosphere.

With its parent EP due for imminent release on new label Blue Mary Records, we talked to the man himself about all things BILLIONAIRE.

‘REASONS TO BE FEARFUL’ is great. How did the song come about?

“The song actually started life as an art piece I was doing where I made up an imaginary crossword and all the answers were already filled in with things that the Daily Mail might run headlines on and you kind of had to guess the questions. Nobody was ever going to see it, so I thought I’d use the idea and make it into a song. That’s why Russia, man-eating spiders and hosepipe bans all feature in the song.”

How did the BILLIONAIRE project start?

“My old band split up and I decided I was going to do everything myself from now on. So I got a cracked copy of Logic 9 and started learning how to record my own stuff. It’s morphed into a production and writing thing moniker, but now in 2017 I have a great band I’m working with so we can go out and play shows.”

What inspired the name BILLIONAIRE?

“I wanted something that was one word and I liked that it sounded like it could be a rapper or something. Also, money (lack of / love of) features quite a lot in the songs so it kind of made sense.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“I don’t know if you can hear them all in there, but I’d probably say Tom Waits, Rexy, Kraftwerk, Can and Father John Misty.”

And finally, what does 2017 hold for BILLIONAIRE?

“Well, we’ve just bought a three-seater van so me and the band can all fit in; we’re planning to use it for lots of shows and festivals in the summer if it doesn’t break down again. There’s an EP out this month on a new label called Blue Mary Records and I’m producing a couple of great singers as well, so I’m busy. Busy is good.”