Dan Owen is one to keep your eye on.  The Shrewsbury-born singer-songwriter unveiled new single ‘Moonlight’ last month, the first with his new record label Atlantic, and it only takes one spin of its hauntingly beautiful three minutes to see why he counts Mick Fleetwood and Birdy among his fans. With a jam-packed 2017 ahead, involving plenty of festivals and an October headline tour, we caught up with Dan Owen for a chat.

How did you end up becoming a musician?

I first started playing around pubs at about 13, my sister was the singer and I was the guitarist. Then she went to University when I was 16 just as I was starting a carpentry apprenticeship. I was thinking that I had to find someone to sing with me so I thought I would just try myself.

When I was training to be a carpenter a piece of wood ending up flipping out of a machine and hitting me in the eye. I lost most of the vision in my left eye and from there I couldn’t do a lot of the fine carpentry work. After that I started doing more gigs and ended up doing like 150 a year.

How was meeting Mick Fleetwood?

It was kind of crazy. When I first heard he liked my stuff it didn’t even register. I went to the Borderline in London and played some songs just for him and his manager. Then we went out for dinner and he gave me loads of advice. It was incredible.

Who are your musical inspirations?

I love the old American blues stuff but right now I’m getting inspired by people like Ed Sheeran. It’s a real mix as I’m just as inspired by the likes of old men down the pubs I used to play in.

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

I’ve done a couple of tours with Birdy and she’s obviously awesome. There’s a band called Kaleo who I toured with and they’re doing really well. I’ve never met her or anything but there’s this girl called Sigrid who’s incredible. I’ve just been playing her song ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ on repeat.