Silver Rose – the nom de plume singer-songwriter Carla Sariñana – brings the best of supercharged shoegaze to the world, with her latest EP gaining notable support from Noisey, Rolling Stone and Clash. Having supported KISS, Maroon 5 and Queens of the Stone Age on tour, Silver Rose is now focusing on writing some new material. We caught up with Carla for an exclusive interview.

Take Me Home‘ is a huge track that really shows Silver Rose‘s appeal. What was the inspiration for the track?

“Thank you! I initially had a softer version for the song, inspired by a Black Ryder song and whole vibe. I loved the idea and worked on it a little bit more with the guys from Wallburds, a band I was playing bass with at the time. They, Steve Mungarro and Javier Blake helped me produce and finish the song. I initially never thought it would be so powerful, I just new I wanted it to sound a certain way and finish with a kind “trans” “hypnotizing” part.”

How did Silver Rose start?

“I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with other genres and be able to finish my own ideas. I was really getting into the whole psychedelic music scene and new I wanted to do something that sounded a bit like that, but in my own way. So I started getting vocal and guitar lessons, to be able to finish my ideas and direct them towards the sound I had in my head. I honestly never thought anything would come out of it, but it’s been such a rewarding experience. I know I’m going to keep working under Silver Rose for a long time.”

Your style sounds delightfully nostalgic yet refreshingly modern. Are your influences both modern and classic?

“Yes! Some are Mazzy Star, The Jesus and Mary Chain and maybe a bit of Bowie, with Black Ryder, Tamaryn, Tops and even some 80s Spanish rock bands like Mecano and Timbiriche.”

Are there any other new bands you’ve been enjoying recently?

“I love Tops, Borns, Angel Olsen, Warpaint, Sunflower Bean, and stoner bands like Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats.”

What’s next is 2017 for Silver Rose?

“I’m playing at The Ruidofest and doing some shows in México. Just touring and moving this EP so that I can start working on new songs next year.”