If you haven’t yet wrapped your ears around the music of South Coast psych-rockers Sad Palace, then you’re missing out on something very special indeed. After the launch of their dazzling second single ‘Breeze’, we caught up with them to find out the story so far.

Sad Palace is an interesting moniker. What inspired your name?

We put hours of thought into coming up with something that encapsulated our whole sound and ethos as a band and couldn’t, so we went for Sad Palace because it sounds quite nice out loud.

How did you guys get together?

Through the binding force that is full-time education. We were all each other had at that time.

Debut single ‘Rainbow Melt’ was a mightily impressive first foray. How did the song come about?

‘Rainbow Melt’ is derived from the mixture of feelings that can bubble up in times of solitude. It’s mostly built around the riff thing at the start, but it’s always hard to remember exactly where most of our tracks come from in full. They tend to sort of stumble into existence.

…and what about brand new single ‘Breeze’?

I guess the theme of ‘Breeze’ is the sense you can sometimes get that something is over before it really begins. It’s a bit easier to say where that one came from, because it was just a case of piecing together a few ideas that had been floating around for a while in one form or another.

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

Our influences sort of change from track to track. Sometimes we feel like going heavy, sometimes we aim for dancey or something that could be seen as more of a pop song. We certainly don’t like to stay too much in one place musically, so I guess our biggest influences are people that push themselves out of their comfort zones. Pond might be one, so might Royal Canoe, Everything Everything, Reptar and Modest Mouse. Adventurous types.

You’ve played a few shows this year. Any other new bands that you’ve encountered and would recommend?

We’ve just played with Childcare in London. They’re really great live and are really nice guys. We’re really digging The Lemon Twigs too – they’ve got this 70s vibe thing going on, but also a little something extra we can’t put our finger on but love. Screaming Peaches are really great as well – they’ve got these beautiful harmonies and the grooviest riffs in existence.

And finally, what does 2017 hold for Sad Palace?

More writing and plenty more playing. We’re hoping to get out of our little cave and show what we’ve been working on as much as possible this year. But at the same time we’ve got lots of ideas buzzing around so there’s probably going to be lots of evenings of furrowed brows and head scratching as we try and birth some new tunes.