The Melbourne 4-piece have been in a recent state of change, with their latest EP Good Things Will Happen being their first release under a new moniker (previously ‘When We Were Small’). We chat with Troy to see where they are headed.

Your sound shows impressive depth for a new band. When did you guys start making music together?

Jack, Madeline & Troy have been playing music together since they were around 14-15 years old under the name ‘When We Were Small’, so there was already a pretty solid foundation to build upon once our drummer Reuben came along and we became ‘Soft Corporate’. It was really cool to have people the same age as you enjoy playing/listening to the same kind of music as you, so it was basically an instant click amongst the three of us. We were all very lucky to find each other when we did, and now we’re all good friends because of our music.

You cite Death Cab for Cutie as one of your influences – we can certainly see comparisons to their style of emotional, sincere music. Was this a sound you set out to make or did it happen organically?

Death Cab have been my [Troy] favourite band since as long as I can remember. Their influence left their mark on me from a very young age so this similar style comes out very organically in my songwriting. My favourite album of theirs ‘We have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes’ specifically influences me to write songs that are thematically linked together, I really love it when records do that and this one does it beautifully. I’m a really big fan of that early 2000s indie rock/pop sound and it has always influenced my style of songwriting and playing, as well as everyone else’s in the band.

How did the name ‘Soft Corporate’ come about?

Madeline, who is the fashion queen of the band, coined the term ‘soft corporate’ to describe her outfits she would be wearing to her new semi-corporate job. The name came about at a good time when we were deciding whether or not to change our name to reflect our change in style and growth as a band. We thought this name was a good representation of the songs we had for the EP. And funnily enough, we only changed our name after we had completed the EP.

What have you guys got planned for the rest of the year?

Everything is a bit up in the air at the moment, but we’re looking forward to playing some more shows and writing some new material. We’ll hopefully have a small east coast tour planned by the end of the year. We’d love to play in other cities besides Melbourne and look forward to what could come of it.

Are there any new artists you’ve got your eyes on at the moment?

One of the exciting things about having new music out is discovering other new music that’s also out and about. I think everyone has their eyes set on Alex Lahey at the moment, she’s absolutely killing it and we’re excited to see what she gets up to in the next couple of years. Manor and Sweet Whirl – these are two artists we handpicked to support us at our EP launch and we love them dearly. Other artists we’re loving include Stonefox, Tetrahedra, Saatsuma, Eilish Gilligan, Pretty City and Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird.