It’s a night that has been fervently anticipated inside the walls of Hidden Herd HQ. Patterns hosts Parcels on this blustery Wednesday evening and the sticky basement venue fills fast for the intoxicating electro-pop group who stole hearts at The Great Escape Festival back in May.

First, Berlin-based Hush Moss warm the cockles of early arrivers with their odd sexy mix of downtempo disco and supine soul. The stage is brimming with musicians and not one of them disappoints: sultry sax parps over smooth jam ‘Slowly Disappear’, bongos groove on highlight ‘It Takes A Lot’ and bass struts on funky foot-tapper ‘Clear’. Like Sean Nicholas Savage and Ariel Pink melding their warped styles and reimagining Bee Gees classics, the Hush Moss sound is an esoteric and evocative one that Hidden Herd falls for instantly.

It paves the way perfectly for tonight’s magnificent main event. After a swift interlude, the lights dim to zero and a mounting furore ensues. It’s time for Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin AKA Parcels, who briskly assemble on stage neck-to-toe in their finest throwback fashion to a swell of cheers.

The sonic pizzazz of disco greats Chic is channelled from the very off; choppy guitars, technicolour synths and cooing five-part harmonies seamlessly coalesce, as both band and throng fidget in unison. The high points are too many to mention, but ‘Older”s chipper licks whip the room up into a frenzy, ‘Overnight”s futurist jitter-funk puts jaws on the ground and ‘Gamesofluck”s sparkling synth hook sets the floor alight as their Patterns’ headline set draws to a close.

Of course, as is the Berlin-via-Byron Bay funk poppers’ trademark, beneath each vibrant blend of off-kilter electro-pop is the ceaseless jolt of jerky bass, moving each and every pair of hips like swinging pendulums. Immersive, irresistible and utterly infectious, you can always rely on Parcels to deliver.

Photo of Hush Moss featured on Hidden Herd new music blogPhoto of Hush Moss featured on Hidden Herd new music blogPhoto of Parcels featured on Hidden Herd new music blogPhoto of Parcels featured on Hidden Herd new music blog