In the quintessential backroom of the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, Afterbloom open with a grungy take on the lethargic surf-rock tones of Peace and Swim Deep, finding inspiration behind reverb-heavy guitars that give them the power to make a riot.

Coinciding with the release of ‘Making Eyes’, we were keen to see the latest that Saltwater Sun had to offer, particularly after their time producing with James Bragg (who also gifted his talents to Genghar’s debut album).

As ever, the alluring vocals of Jennifer Stearnes are soft and emotive, whilst having the charm of a girl who sings with character. The band are also expertly tight, and aren’t afraid to have a bit of fun on stage outside of the remit of their recorded tracks.

It’s clear from the offset that the five-piece can pack a punch. To say they are a ‘sun-tinged’ band of the the summer would be wrong – they are plenty more than that.

Effortlessly bouncing from delightfully grungy, powerful middle eights to funk-laden verses shows that this band have a very wide platter of sounds to choose from – and they are making a great show of it.

An inviting combination for sure.