If Dessert were a meal’s concluding course, they’d be one of Heston Blumenthal’s madcap concoctions. Like the experimental chef’s pork pie-disguised ice cream, the LA-based project’s immersive and surreal pop music is a unique experience that boggles the mind and baffles the senses.

Latest cut ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ refuses to fit neatly into a pigeonhole; its a genre-defying two minutes of samples, synths and off-kilter hooks that sounds like The Avalanches, Miike Snow, Klaxons and a Eurodance compilation have been puréed together in a blender.

The elusive three-piece’s desire to be different doesn’t stop at their oddball sound: they’ve collaborated with artist Kelsey Isaacs to release their debut EP in a limited edition “praying bun” candle that costs $200. Burning through seven and a half pounds of wax to get to a USB that holds the tracks may sound like a faff, but Dessert are essential listening and every bit worth the investment.