With it set to be one of the most sizzling days of 2015, Honey Moon‘s sun-soaked jangle and heat-weary melodies couldn’t have seeped into consciousness at a better time. The quartet may be rooted in London’s concrete jungle, but their slack 50s vibe is more befitting of somewhere where a sprawling field, string vest and hammock are commonplace in the baking noon.

Latest offering ‘I Want Love’ distinctly recalls the lackadaisical feel of Spectrals and a string of other lo-fi, doo-wop-inspired balladeers. Its biggest lure, however, is one of those timeless and utterly unshakeable choruses – an unabashed Buddy Holly-like hook that sounds like its been given a warped tape makeover by Mac DeMarco and Travis Bretzer. Go grab a glass of something icy and potent; a song to see you through the dog days of summer is here.