Hoops certainly have a knack for loops. After only a handful of listens, ‘Cool 2’‘s whirling jangly lick will proceed to roll around your brain for hours on end, like a lazy river that’s every repetition begs for just one more round trip.

In fact, our only critique of the Indiana four-piece’s ace debut single is that we want more of it; more of its sun-warped tape production, more of its barely-there lo-fi vocals and more of its all-round lackadaisical vibe. Clocking in just shy of the two-minute mark, the track’s infectious riffs certainly delight across multiple re-spins though, with each note glimmering like light off a pool under a dazzling sky and recalling everyone from early Real Estate to Mac DeMarco along the way.

Stay tuned, their self-titled debut EP drops on August 26th via Fat Possum.