Kyiki‘s latest track is enticing; her voice is powerful, yet oddly close and intimate – similar to Jennifer Stearnes of Saltwater Sun and to some extent, SOAK. The song itself is uplifting enough, collectively bringing her listeners together with inclusive lyrics that invite us to go on her journey with her.

The song points to escape and flight; a ‘leave it all behind’ attitude which strikes a chord in angst-ridden teenagers and adults reminiscent of the past. The power of this message is only enhanced by the gradual rise in the tracks’ instrumentals. All ethereal, dreamlike and hazy, her style has that Jessie Ware gloss that allows a track to shine amongst others, utilising strong production and unpretentious songwriting. Similarly to the previously-featured KYYN, Kyiki has found a formula that suits her, and she’s putting it to good use in our eyes.