BANFI‘s latest track ‘She Comes Home‘ is a baroque pop dream, starting with an enchanting beat that teases our ears due to its subtle nods to the likes of Alt-j and Glass Animals. Like the former, the style of ‘She Comes Home‘ differs from the expected. Following on from previous release ‘Rosedale House‘ (featured here), the three-piece have pushed far further than their hazy 80s-tinged anthemic rock and instead have delved further into a sound that shows assured experimentation.

The diversity in their tracks owes to their writing mantra, as stated by lead singer Joe Banfi: “When we write these songs, we give it literally everything that’s in us, everything we’ve ever listened to”. This gives their music an undeniable charm, putting comfort to the side and pushing forward with whatever feels right at the time. As a result, they continue to bolster their appeal and have a number of notable festival appearances this summer to keep up the momentum.