Back in the nineties, there was Shoegaze – so called, because the perpetrators of this genre spent the majority of the time staring at their toes. Twenty plus years later, it’s scraping its focus from its boots and is firmly back in the public’s consciousness. The re-emergence of Ride, Slowdive and The Jesus and Mary Chain have no doubt helped to bring the much-maligned style back to the fore, and now the sound that took a kicking from all and sundry is finding the ears of a demographic it probably didn’t dream of reaching. Which brings us onto newcomers Dactylion – whose name is the word for the tip of your middle finger, the pinnacle of the outstretched hand.

If at first a derogatory term, Shoegaze is no longer – the Derby four-piece might be staring at the floor, a crumpled page of lyrics or a big slab of guitar pedals, but the listener is looking at the stars. They weren’t even born when Slowdive’s sophomore album ‘Souvlaki’ came out, but after bonding at university over their shared love of them, they are already mastering their art.

After not even being together for a year, their EP ‘Come Inside’ is out now and paints a broad landscape of colours, textures and pitch. It isn’t all Shoegaze wall of sound and merged instruments, but lead single ‘So Easy’ is a fine example of the distinctive sound the genre is known for, as it grows to a delay-fed colossus of glorious euphoric noise. Drenched in feedback, low rumbling bass and sweet vocals, a refrain of “we’re awake” repeats throughout the chorus.

Yet another one from the bulging stable of amazing talent on Derby’s Reckless Yes label, Dactylion are ones to watch for sure and their EP is available to buy on CD and download now.