Today’s new music spotlight is on Hot Dreams.

Location: London

Line-up: Kai Fennell (vocals/guitar), Alex Bloomfield (guitar/vocals/keys), Cam Fyall (drums/vocals), Aaron Clarke (bass/vocals)

About: Whilst exciting London-based quartet Hot Dreams tend to identify as indie-rock, they exhibit a broader set of inspirations that includes folk-pop, Pink-Floydesque experimental rock and dance-punk.

The topic of conversation within their lyrics tends to lead towards personal struggles and insecurities, coming from angles both confessional and observational, often using imagery and poetry to express this. The boys shamelessly and honestly talk about their experiences big and small, from the darker corners of depression to the simplicity of enjoying a lie-in with a loved one.

Mirroring these sentiments in their music, Hot Dreams typically uses four-part harmonies, layered guitars, polyrhythmic drum patterns and progressive chord sequences to create their sound.

What Hidden Herd say: Establishing themselves as prolific creators of wistfully atmospheric guitar-pop anthems, London-based quartet Hot Dreams seem destined for bigger things. Echoing bands like Palace, ISLAND and Flyte, their latest cut ‘This Town’ is a teaser ahead of the band’s first EP ‘The Hideaway’ – a heart-tugging confessional ballad built to trigger the tear ducts.

For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Half Moon Run, Foals

Next shows:‪ Hot Dreams does not have any upcoming events.


Latest track: ‘This Town’