Today, our new music spotlight is on Hot Minute.

Location: Manchester

Line-up: Keely Hutchinson (lead vocals), Courtney Williams (Keys and Synths) and Bella Casson (BV and Guitar).

About: Halloween is coming. Brexit is (supposedly) coming – so is it beyond all comprehension to wonder if the latest Hot Minute single, entitled ‘Hell is Empty’, wasn’t entirely written with the end of October 2019 in mind? According to the band however, politics, in the sense you might assume, aren’t actually at the root of the song. Frontwoman Keely clarifies, “Hell is Empty is a modern day anthem about taking back the power that you believe you are owed – and by any means necessary. When we formed, this is the first song we wrote after we realised we’d all experienced the all too familiar music industry bullshit.”

What Hidden Herd say: ‘Hell Is Empty’ instantly captivates – grabbing listeners from the first note with a pulsing intensity that erupts perfectly into their euphoric chorus. On their latest track, the Manchester trio take listeners on a diverse journey through modern electronica, flitting between dramatic, atmospheric pop-noir and club dance hook-lines with admirable ease.

For fans of: Muna, Chvrches

Next Show: Details TBA (we don’t have anything lined up at the moment but it’s coming very soon!

Link: / 

Latest track: ‘Hell Is Empty’