The King’s Parade are back with ‘Haze‘; a delicate, swelling ode to love consumed in soul and delectably sincere vocals. Discussing the initial ‘drop’ of falling for someone, the song cleverly lulls the listener into a sense of safety in the verses before erupting in the chorus, mimicking the emotional throws of being in love.

Their sound is unapologetic and inarguably heartfelt. Think the perfect mix of soul and blues with popular appeal, much akin to stateside chargers Alabama Shakes. Much like Brittany Howard, the band makes best use of singer Olly Corpe’s commanding vocals to litter the song with expressive highs and lows to dramatic effect. As the first release from the London quartet since their debut EP ‘Vagabond‘, ‘Haze‘ shows an affirmed direction for the band in 2017.