Today’s new music spotlight is on MULIMBA.

Location: London

Line-up: Ash Mulimba (vocals)

About: For a while there Ash Mulimba needed to be alone. Frontman with HAUS, the band was reaching higher and higher goals, playing to bigger and bigger audiences, but something wasn’t right. Unfulfilled, he took a step back, and the group split. Gradually, he became someone else – he became MULIMBA, bringing every ounce of grit, heart and talent forward from his time with the band.

What Hidden Herd say: An incredibly confident debut, ‘Damn’ arrives just in time to soundtrack your winter. With a collection of styles at play, MULIMBA delivers a myriad of modern sensibilities, underpinned with a baroque vocal style that’ll have you coming back for more.

Next shows:‪ TBC


Latest track: ‘Damn’