Today, our new music spotlight is on Bokito

Location: London

Line-up: Moses Moorhouse (Vocals), Sam Cahalin (Keys/Synth), Joe Mashiter (Guitar), Jody Lahart (Bass), Tom Houghton (Drums)

About: Bokito beckons listeners into impulsive and unfettered behaviour, both remotely and in the flesh at heir remarkable live shows, with a tightly-packaged, uproarious mix of indie, rock and perfect pop cadence that hooks listeners in and gives them something to hum along with for the rest of the

On the track: Freckle Leather is a song about my experience getting sun burned and the ever forgotten consequence that a pale, freckled, occasionally ginger person tends to make on holiday which is to throw caution to the wind, ignore the bottle of factor 50 and instead concentrate on the localised bottle of rum. And what’s to follow? A familiar self pitying pinkened stooge who has to stay indoors sitting upright because the leather couch in your Airbnb reacts horribly with scalded sweaty skin.

What Hidden Herd say: Bokito return with a toe-tapping dose of funk-laden soul, expertly coupled with Moses Moorhouse’s flittering vocals. Settle into this surefire holiday anthem; a crisp, punchy ode to the free spirit of the Summer.

For fans of: Metronomy, Vampire Weekend

Next shows:

Saturday 31st August – The Finsbury, London. Tickets via Eventbrite


Latest track: ‘Freckle Leather’