Today, our new music spotlight is on: The Yacht Club

Location: LONDON, UK

Line-up: Marcus Gooda – Guitar, Vocals, Jack Holland – Guitar, Vocals, Alex Bramwell – Bass, Backing Vocals, Alexander Esp – Drums, Keyboard, Piano, Backing Vocals

About: The Yacht Club is a band born out of a desire for creative freedom. They sing songs about mental health, coping, and trying to help others find a light in the dark, taking influences from the likes of TTNG, Pennines and American Football. Starting life as a solo endeavour by Marcus Gooda as a means to write songs purely for himself, rather than being constrained by other voices, the result was the self-released EP A. After a tumultuous patch of turning down tours and selling out of physical copies and merchandise, 2015 saw The Yacht Club finally wake from dormancy to release their math-rock inspired self-titled EP in the same year, followed by 2016’s folk-lead EP, Fall. An intense period of personal upheaval for front man Marcus Gooda and the band followed, as he struggled to cope with the suicide of a close friend, and the resulting mental health problems that affected both him and his wider circle. After time to grieve and reflect on their experiences, The Yacht Club are back and stronger than ever, with their debut album The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here and Safe arriving in January 2019, largely informed by their personal experiences of recovering from the grief and fallout of suicide, and packed full of pathos and emotion.

What Hidden Herd say: The Yacht Club’s return to music represents so much of their previous journey, bringing the strength of their emotions through on this latest release ‘Glue’ amidst a flurry of sincere lyricism and tender instrumentals.

For fans of: Enemies

Next shows:‪ 26.01.19 – London @ Sebright Arms (album launch)


Latest track: ‘Glue’