Today, our new music spotlight is on Unqualified Nurse Band.

Location: Derby

Line-up: Chris Jones (vocals/guitar), Mark Jones (bass) and Andrew Foster (drums)

About: The whirling dervish that is Unqualified Nurse Band long ago dispensed with their laurels and concluded that rest was for the lazy. Their wickedness knows no bounds and not content with following up the debut sonic assault of ‘Debasement Tapes’ within 12 months with fizzing sophomore ‘Trashland’, a mere four months have past and third full-length ‘UNB3’ is in the works. To break from the norm they have hatched a plan to record a song at a time in studios the length and breadth of the country throughout 2018, so by the end of the year, record number three will be in the can. First taste ‘Spit & Howl’ harks back to their first LP; it’s one hundred and eleven seconds of punk, desert rock and psychobilly. A trademark of Unqualified Nurse Band, showcased on ‘Trashland’, is their ability to cram a myriad of genres into the shortest possible period of time and they’re getting closer to what must be an entry into the Norris McWhirter big book of world records. Not ones to muck about with introductions, Unqualified Nurse Band instead prefer to slap you straight in the face as soon as they meet you. Echoes of early single ‘100 Beats’ greets you, but sped up beyond their formative years and before you know it it has descended into a Hayseed Dixie-esque mash up. They stop for breath at the break down with some Queens of the Stone Age swamp boogie, before one final “My records Spit and Howl” refrain.

What Hidden Herd say: Unqualified Nurse Band‘s riotous noise will keep you on your toes; expect ballroom swing crossed with hardcore punk and a sprinkling of country and western on their next single. Probably.

For fans of: Phobophobes, IDLES, Table Scraps

Next shows:‪
Friday 30th March – Leicester @ BrewDog


Latest track: ‘Spit & Howl’