Today’s new music spotlight is on WAHL.

Location: London

Line-up: Rachel Still (vocals/guitar/bass/production), Kayleigh Cheer (drums)

About: London-based duo WAHL is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Rachel Still and drummer Kayleigh Cheer. The pair’s expansive sound is created from their living room in Brixton.

Rachel says: “‘Exit (pt. 1)’ is centred around longing. Each song encompasses a variation on that emotion, whether it be for a place once visited or somewhere we are yet to be. There’s a naïvety to it, an underlying questioning. It really is a fair reflection of me during my early twenties, starting to piece together the world around me and begin to pick at its seams. Because we’re fascinated by the power of making simple really fucking good, we revel in the intricacies that lie within the bricks and mortar of what we do.”

WAHL is German for “choice”, or “vote”, and the duo chose the name during the process of writing for this release. “I guess we suddenly became hyperaware of modern-day bullshit. So in honesty, the words choice and exit for us are more about leaving a state of mind behind and choosing to live in a new light than anything else. That being said, we ultimately settled on them because they can mean anything to anyone – and we’d like anyone to be able to listen.”

What Hidden Herd say: South London duo WAHL create an evocative ambient backdrop, one that transports listeners a long way away from their DIY Brixton living room studio. Brilliant debut EP ‘Exit (pt. 1)’ is a testament to their talents, an immersive and perfectly honed set of songs that recall Sharon Van Etten at her raw and emotive best. Tune in below.

For fans of: The Cure, Lou Reed, Sharon Van Etten

Next shows:‪
WAHL will play Hidden Herd Presents at The Finsbury on Friday 15th November alongside Eyesore & the Jinx, Public Body and Scrounge. Free tickets are available via DICE and Eventbrite.


Latest track: ‘San Jose’