It was almost this time last year that Truthers‘ deranged jangle first filled our ears – but owing to the fact their glorious sun-damaged racket is a seasonal cert, we thought we’d lay out a metaphorical red carpet and introduce them.

First single ‘Most Ghouls Agree’ is an oddly fascinating thing. Its tricky to define, but the NYC supergroup – featuring members of DIIV (!), Phone Tag and Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk – are probably best pinned down as 50s revivalists. If you care to imagine a Dreamboats & Petticoats cassette that’s gone through the blender or Eddie Cochran doolally on acid then you’re in the right ball park; this is a wonderfully peculiar new breed of psych.

The Brooklynites have been quiet for a little while now, but here’s hoping that someday there’ll be more in the vein of this alluring mess.