“My boots are shakin'” yelps Unqualified Nurse Band frontman Chris Jones. And well they might be, the din these dudes are making.

Coming hot on the heels of the aural assault that was singles ‘100 Beats’ and ‘Getting Sweaty’, the Derby three-piece dial down the intensity a couple of notches on this one, with a heady mix of early Cribs, The Fall and New Wave hooks across three sprawling minutes.

By contrast, the video treatment of the third track from the band’s debut LP ‘Debasement Tapes’ – the first album to be released by Reckless Yes, the love child of Louder Than War Editor Sarah Lay and ex-Cable bassist Peter Darrington – is a serene affair.

The clip stars Sophie Prosay from label mates Pet Crow, as she takes a stroll through rolling countryside, but director Grawl!x reveals that the peaceful tranquillity is just smoke and mirrors: “Off camera somewhere is a bed ridden recluse whose only contact with the outside world is our intrepid expeditionary who is the star of this ere vidz”.