Why have one song when you can have two. Not least as these two last about three minutes between them.

We’ve all been there. You’re listening to something new, but it’s going on a bit. It may only be your archetypal chart friendly few minutes of pop, but damn it if it doesn’t feel like you’ve been listening to it for an eternity and quite frankly you don’t have the time, what with whole recommended playlists at your fingertips.

Enter Unqualified Nurse Band, who clearly get restless after a minute and seventeen seconds of one of their own songs and put a stop to it sharpish so another can sashay it’s way in. No sooner have you got to grips with the urgent (bloody urgent) blast of rage and impatience then it’s over. But don’t worry here comes another.

Firstly we had ‘Getting Sweaty’, which came across like if Nick Oliveri had turned up at the desert sessions with Josh Homme and Arctic Monkeys a few years ago with At the Drive-In along for the ride. It’s positively an elongated epic at 1.46.

Then only on Monday they dropped the breakneck paced ‘100 Beats’, a paranoid nightmare, terrified that “if you die whilst having a dream, the same thing happens in reality”, so when awake “… check my pulse to make sure this is not a dream, I check it on the hour, it’s reality”.

Described as being a melting pot of the last 60 years of rock ‘n’ roll, “deconstructing the history, before smashing it back together again” its certainly a condensed, full throttle hurtle through time.

Both of these singles come from the LP ‘Debasement Tapes’ released in September by Reckless Yes.