Afterbloom are a new, grunge-ridden four piece by way of Telford, fresh off the release of their debut track ‘Duh’. We catch up with bassist Ben to discuss their journey so far, and where they are looking to go.

Congratulations on your debut release! What have you been upto in the months leading up to now?

It’s been a total whirlwind!!! We’ve had a line-up change so been practicing, recording, planning the ‘Duh’ release and we’re always constantly writing new stuff.

‘Duh’ screams of grunge, teenage angst and delightfully hazy bursts of shoegaze. Did you always set out to make music like this, or did it develop over time?

Grunge/shoegaze was kinda our starting point for the band and they were two common genres we all loved, but for the most part the main riffs for ‘Duh’ were written long before the band as we know it now existed. We’ve developed a lot as a band since though and with our different influences melted together… there’s some interesting things to come!

Your verses are reserved, yet your choruses explode with power, throwing potential influencers such as Nirvana into the mix. Who would you cite as your biggest inspirations?

Pavement pavement pavement, The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Further.

How did you all meet? Is Afterbloom the first project you’ve been involved in together?

Isaac and I met online, I (Ben) knew Luke from his previous band ‘Heavy Waves’ so when we started to get more serious and put ‘Droned’ online we asked if he’d be up for joining and yeah that was that! Tom lives next door to me and we used to go to the same weird old man pub near us. Now he’s our drummer!

What can we expect from Afterbloom in the coming months?

Gigs, releases, dodgy haircuts, mad solos and pure fun.