CHAPPO are a indie-rock 4 piece, flying straight out of the US with some serious appeal. Their sophomore album ‘Future Former Self’ was released earlier this year, showing a maturing sound and some notable influences. We catch up with them to chat about their latest developments, before they head into some of their summer festival spots.

Hey guys! Let’s start by telling us a little about yourselves. How did you first meet?

We met like you would in one of those classic 80’s teen romantic comedy montages…at a big house party where kids are cardboard box sledding down stairs, chillin’ on rooftops with acoustic guitars and cheap beer, waxing poetic in the backyard, musing on balconies and having existential crises, laughing at bad jokes and by the end of the night are devising a super rock group that will take over the moon. Well…almost. Dave and Chris and Zac met in college studying music and Chris and Alex met while rooming together in the East Village.

Your current sound has notes of old Maroon 5, and more recently Saint Motel. Do you have any current key influencers?

We’re influenced by everything that we listen to in some way or another. It’s not always easy to pick out all of it. Some current bands we are into at the moment are Deerhunter, Beck, Dr Dog, Tame Impala, Kurt Vile, and Sufjan Stevens

Comparing to some of your older tracks such as ‘The End is Near’ and ‘Nomads’, you’ve developed from something quite 80’s-focused to a more modern sound, bringing stronger elements of funk to the table. How has this sound developed over time?

I think it sort of depends on where your head is at at the time you’re writings songs and what you are listening to. There’s probably some sort of unconscious evolution that happens over time but I like to think of the creative process as more circular and cyclical rather than linear. It’s inward and outward at the same time. It’s hard to pinpoint a calculated evolution. There’s 4 guys listening to music together in a van or out at a party. Then there’s 4 guys listening to music on their own and what inspires them along the way. What you create is just a product of what you’re listening to and how your brain responds to what you are drawn to in an active way.

What have you got planned for the summer?

We are excited to screen The Singularity, the stop motion short that accompanies Future Former Self at festivals and screening parties that we have been throwing. We will be playing a few shows in NYC and Brooklyn and some house shows in surrounding cities. We’re mainly gonna focus on new music. We’ve been writing lots of new songs. We’re also aching to head back to UK before the year is up.

Are there any particular artists that you’ve got your eyes on at the moment?

Yes, all our heroes that are still alive. We just don’t want anymore to pass away this year.

Where can we catch your next show?

We’ll be playing an after party for Out In The Streets Festival with Teen Slacker on July 16th at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn.