The academy hosts 4 weeks of music events, workshops, public lectures and art exhibitions to offer the chance for 61 specially selected artists from 37 countries to hone their skills with some of the best in the business.

1) Beatles or Stones?

Definitely Beatles. One of the best bands of all time. When I went to Abbey Road I got tingles thinking of all the seminal tracks that were recorded where I stood, especially the Beatles stuff. I also have a quintet named Walrus, and once spent an entire day falling into a conspiracy hole researching Paul McCartney…

2) Cameron or Corbyn?

Corbyn. I think if he were allowed to implement his ideas, the UK would be a better place to live. My thoughts on Cameron are long and include a lot of swears. Well, at least my thoughts on his party.

3) Studio or live?

Both are equally valid and fantastically creative mediums; both are intended for different purposes…

4) Physical or digital?

When I’m at home I only ever (99% of the time) listen to music on vinyl. That’s what I buy, that’s what I love. I am in no way cussing digital, though.

5) Festivals or Gigs?

I have to say gigs, because then I can go home at night.

6) Music Blogs or Magazines?

Blogs. I wish I had subscriptions to zines, but I’m thinking of the trees.

7) Club or pub?

Pubs because there are infinitely more fireplaces and dogs.

8) Earphones or Headphones?

Headphones. A nice pair of squishy close-backs to help you fall into your own world.

What are you most excited about during your time at the academy?

Being allowed to be in a purely creative environment without the ‘real world’. No bills, no grocery shopping – just pure focus and fun.

What was the first single/album that you ever bought?

It was a tape of Living On My Own by Freddie Mercury. I still remember going to the shop to buy it with my aunt who was simultaneously proud and weirded out by the choice of her tiny niece.

Is there a song from the past that you wish you’d written?

Anything written by Stevie Wonder or Rod Temperton or Carole King, basically.

Which artist are you keeping your eye on for 2016?

Everyone on the academy this year! Everyone seems very cool and I’m sure they’ll go on to make more interesting music.

We wish Emma the best of luck with developing her sound over the coming weeks.