North-Yorkshire garage-rock quintet Avalanche Party have just dropped their latest single ‘I’m So Wet‘ via Clue Records, and it marks the latest chapter in the band’s growing popularity. With previous support from the likes of Huw Stephens and 6Music’s Steve Lamacq, we wanted to catch up with the band to see where they’re headed.

I’m So Wet‘ is a huge track! How did the inspiration for it come about?

I’m So Wet‘ is our attempt to write one of the great love songs like Frank Sinatra’s ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’. Yes indeed Frank. ‘I’m So Wet‘ is also a depiction of physical, mental & spiritual readiness for anything, a deeper level than simple fight or flight, a heavy meditative state of being and power that leaves an individual bound for love and glory. With a healthy piece of Barry White whacked in.

Your sound is incredibly distinctive. Who would you cite as your biggest influences?

Iggy & Cave & Link Wray & Thee Oh Sees and a tonne of others.

Some of you have been making music together since the tender age of 12. Have you seen your musical style grow and change a lot since then?

Yeah myself and Jordan started playing from then. Us two and Kane have been playing together for about ten years I think, and Jared and Glen have both played and gigged for years too. Yeah of course! Massively. We’re more experienced. Not just musically but in life and that. We listen to a lot more music these days. All adds colour to the palette.

Are there any other new acts you’ve got your eyes on at the moment?

There’s some great stuff coming through at the moment. So much stuff. We’ve played with some class bands recently. And Yet It Moves are really cool. Dale Barclay‘s (ex Amazing Snakeheads) new project. Based in Berlin now. They’re great and we’re gonna tour together later in the year. The Blinders as well are a dynamite band. The Van T‘s and Baby Strange from Glasgow. Life and Vulgarians from Hull. The scene in the North East is buzzing too at the moment. Bands like Mouses, Coquin Migale, Pale White, Plaza and The Hangnails etc all touring, all busy. Spring King and Cabbage have been great to us. We’ve just toured with a band from Germany called The Vagoos. Unreal surf garage band from Bavaria. I could go on and on and that.

What’s next in 2017 for you guys?

We’re currently on a Euro tour. When we get back to the UK we’re pretty busy with festivals over the summer and then we’ll be touring again September time. We’ve got another single coming out on Clue Records in the summer and we’re writing a for a new EP.