If lackadaisical vibes are your thing, then prepare to fall for Punk Slime Recordings’ latest signing. The aptly-named Beachtape are the sound of untamed youth, crafting the kind of dazed lo-fi grunge-pop you’d expect from a four-strong gaggle of millennials living by the sea.

‘Rearranging My Ways’ is the perfect entry point, with the Brighton newcomers flaunting their knack for fuzzy hooks and coming over like a hybrid between fellow south coasters The Magic Gang and The Big Moon.

With the quartet’s first EP ‘Hold Music’ due out in September, we caught up with Beachtape to get acquainted.

‘Rearranging My Ways’ is awesome. How did the track come about?

“That song’s about a year old now, which makes it weird that it’s finally getting a proper release. There’s no formula to how our songs get written, but this tune just clicked and worked well from get-go. I’d love to be able to give some deep story on what it means and how it came, but truthfully I don’t really know – maybe that’s the trick.”

How did Beachtape start out?

“Leo and I met and started the idea of making a racket and we both wanted to do a DIY recording thing, and we’ve kind of learnt along the way. We recorded one song (‘Maybe’) with our friend Toby on bass, but then later we got Andy and Dan in and that’s when we really became what we are now.”

What inspired your name?

“At the time, we just liked those words and picked them sitting in a café the week before our first gig. There’s no real meaning or inspiration.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“I don’t know if it influences our sound, but I’m super into a band called Show Me The Body at the moment. Dan is a really big Mumford & Sons fan, but we try not to take too much influence from his folk roots!”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

“Obviously, Abattoir Blues, who are a Brighton band smashing it right now. If you don’t already know, get to know them ASAP Rocky. Also, Meal Deals from London are hot shit.”

And finally, what does 2017 hold for Beachtape?

“Now we’re working with PNKSLM, we’re definitely going to be releasing music more consistently. We took our time with this upcoming EP – most of the songs we’ve had for around a year – so we can’t wait to record and play some even newer tunes. Maybe start work on an album, maybe another EP, maybe a single, maybe get some saxophone solos and start wearing suits.”