BEING’s bewitching music is a cathartic experience.

The North East duo, originally from Brighton, concoct hushed ambient and atmospheric sounds that pluck the heartstrings and tingle the spine, and debut EP ‘Happy Miserable’ is the perfect entry point – a raw and intimate four-song collection in the vein of subdued songsmith Keaton Henson.

With the one-shot Brighton beach video for EP track ‘Tempers’ out now and ready to watch below, we caught up with BEING to delve further into their world.

‘Tempers’ is stunning. How did the track come about?

“Thank you. As with many of our songs, ‘Tempers’ was a moment out of nowhere. We write organically, without purpose or push, we let the songs fall out of our instruments. Lyrically it’s straightforward and transparent, speaking from the point of view of a relationship which was more about shouting at one another rather than actually talking.”

How did BEING start out?

“We met through a mutual friend, we had no idea at the time that we’d be in this position now. We both pursued different projects when we first met but over time, as they become less and less we began to write together, and the songs flowed. It’s not work, and when we write it’s safe, easy, and compatible.”

What inspired your name?

“We choose BEING for no real reason, though we enjoy the freedom it allows us. It means we can make any type of music, our name doesn’t pigeonhole us in any way.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“We both listen to such a large spectrum of music. Right now, some artists we really love are:

Keaton Henson, his albums are timeless and so intimate

Conor O’Brien AKA Villagers – writes such poetic songs.

Junius Meyvant is a brilliant Icelandic songwriter. He recently released his debut album, which is a masterpiece.

And finally, Tesseract and Karnivool are both a massive influence, and we love their flair and melodic standpoint.”

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

“The last Brighton show we played was with an artist called Spy From Moscow. He’s an awesome songwriter, so powerful and has incredible range, his songs are multi-layered and have plenty of depth. Jinnwoo is another artist everyone should hear, his voice rasps and cracks, he makes songs just turn into these amazing pieces of art.”

And finally, what does the future hold for BEING?

“Our next show is in Reykjavik, Iceland, which we’re really looking forward to. We have some new songs to share, and more videos will be coming out throughout the year. We plan on ‘being’ very active this year. It’s time we came out from under our rock.”