Immerse yourself in the romantic world of Bright Orange Spectacle, a project that manifested itself in the lucid dream of Goldsmiths musician Charlie Sinclair.

This lightning bolt of inspiration paved the way for debut single ‘She Could Get Better’, a release that wraps jaunty keys, lush strings and fistfuls of melodic magic into a modern-day love song – one that recalls the likes of Father John Misty, Lightspeed Champion and Richard Hawley.

Ahead of supporting The Vegan Leather for our final Hidden Herd Presents: SPTLGHT show at Green Door Store on Friday 26th April, we spoke to Bright Orange Spectacle about his influences and more.

How would you describe Bright Orange Spectacle to a stranger?

“We are a band on our third record who still haven’t released a single song. That or I’d just throw around some seemingly visceral adjectives like bombastic or gargantuan until I completely lose track of the point – a little bit like I just did… but worse… much worse.”

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

“I don’t think I ever approached music in the same way again after having properly listened to “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars” which strangely was very late on in my life, I was around 21 before I got into Bowie and it totally opened up my mind in an artistic sense, especially in regard to my relationship with music production. I’m also a huge Father John Misty fan, not only sonically but also as a musical figurehead… He is keeping the idea of artistic mythology alive in such an organic way that I just want to be a part of his journey at every interval. He’s also the direct stemming point of why I use so many orchestral instruments and techniques within our arrangements. Finally, I would probably side with Pulp, let’s be honest, we just sound like Pulp… Pulp with strings and sometimes vocoders. ”

What was the best gig you’ve played so far?

“We remain a very inexperienced live band and have only ever played twice in a very stripped back setting. But Jack (our enigmatic bongo hero and master of shaking things that make noise) and I played an impromptu set at our NYE party whilst both dressed completely in drag with our minds somewhere in the cosmos… I don’t think anyone was watching but we had an amazing time.”

You’re based in Brighton – what’s your local music scene like?

“Wait, there’s a local music scene? On a serious note, I am pretty lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of incredibly creative people who are all at the start of new musical journeys like myself. We have this fun thing going on where we all play in each other’s bands and spend our time exclusively staring into each other’s eyes or talking about how we are going to rule the world one day. Look out for The Slaughterhouse Band and High Rolling Preachers very soon, 2019 is the year the scene begins for us.”

Who are the THREE other new artists we should listen to right now and why?

“I don’t know how new they are but Viagra Boys are dominating my listening space right now. I’m also big into Sports Team. They also seem like they want to be Pulp, so we have that in common, maybe we would be friends? Do you know them? Could you set us up? Sad Boys Club are also the coolest guys on the planet, I love both their music and them to the core of my heart.”

And finally, what does the rest of 2019 hold for Bright Orange Spectacle?

“For you guys, it holds a lot of new music, some great shows and as much excitement as we can possibly bring to you. For me, it holds existential dread and a constant battle with self-worth in the face of a tough industry. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love Bright Orange Spectacle and I hope other people will get the same amount of pure joy from it that I do.”

FUKC will play Hidden Herd Presents: SPTLGHT at Green Door Store on Friday 26th April in Brighton alongside The Vegan Leather, Circe and Bright Orange Spectacle. Tickets are available via DICE.