Since their formation 10 years ago, Everything Everything have been creating genre-defying and unmistakably compelling tracks. Their unpredictable infectious indie-pop, led by vocalist Higgs’ distinctive falsetto, has seen them gain a legion of fans and much critical acclaim, including nominations for the Ivor Novello Award and Mercury Music Prize. We chatted with frontman Jonathan Higgs, ahead of the release of their hotly-anticipated fourth album ‘A Fever Dream’.

‘Get To Heaven’ saw you deal with global tensions and political happenings. What sort of themes will ‘A Fever Dream’ address?

“I feel like everyone is talking about the themes we covered on ‘Get To Heaven’, it’s everywhere, everyone has a strong opinion, global politics and tensions are common topics. I’d rather look at the human to human issues that have arisen around these big events, the aftermath and the personal, emotional impact of it. Who honestly gives a flying fuck what I think about it all? Who wants yet another opinion on it? It bores me to think about reading my own thoughts on Brexit and Trump, I want to talk about the stuff we aren’t discussing, who we have become in our own homes and minds as a result, not these global sweeping huge things, I already did it all in 2015!”

What’s the best gig you’ve played to date?

“Best gig is hard to pin down, perhaps Glastonbury 2015.”

‘Get To Heaven’ saw you play wearing orange smock-like robes. Are the blue Harrington jackets a conscious effort to tone it down?

“Yes, my ‘Get To Heaven’ outfit was genuinely supposed to look like a crazed blonde dictator, the new album clothing is much more toned down and is supposed to just pass you by, we’re all the same again.”

Your 4th album, ‘A Fever Dream’, comes out on the 18th of August. Are you nervous at all?

“I’m not nervous at all, it’s our best material so far.”

And finally, what have you got planned for the rest of the year?

“Rest of the year is a mixture of festivals and gigs, videos and interviews! Mainly though it’s an album release!!”

While you wait for the band’s new album, make sure you check out the album’s lead single ‘Can’t Do’.