If the last record from Alex Turner and Miles Kane didn’t quite slake your thirst for 60s-laced indie pop, then it’s high time you gave Brighton’s FUR a whirl. Like fellow newcomers Weird Milk, the south coast quartet have a truly wondrous knack for timeless Beatles-esque guitar music and their latest dreamy-eyed ditty ‘Trying’ is the sort of woozy heartstrings-tugger that begs to be heard in a mirrorball-lit room. With a slew of summer festival dates on the horizon, we caught up with FUR to dig a little deeper.

‘Trying’ is a top tune. How did the track come about?

Murray: “‘Trying’ actually came about pretty quickly. I played the chord sequence in my bedroom with Tav and we thought it sounded great. The melodies and lyrics came within a matter of minutes and we had the demo recorded that night. Then after playing it live and seeing the response, we decided it was the one to release next!”

How did FUR start out?

Harry: “FUR was born back in the summer of 2015, when Murray and I realised we were moving to Brighton together. I’d seen his old band play and we spoke on Facebook and wrote a couple songs together including ‘Creature’ before moving down. When we got down we wanted to start FUR up ASAP and forced our new housemate (Tav) to learn bass and then met Flynn on a night out.”

What inspired your name?

Harry: “There wasn’t a lot that inspired the name. We toyed around with some names for a while and figured we really wanted something with one word and settled on FUR.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

Murray: “The Beatles, The Strokes, The Growlers, Whitney and we also have a little crush on The Vaccines at the moment.”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

Harry: “We’ve met some great bands recently – Weird Milk, Trash, Honey Lung, The Geisha Girls are all lovely friends of ours. Actually, just supported Willie J Healey and he’s really great too.”

And finally, what does 2017 hold for FUR?

Tav: “We’ve got our first vinyl record coming out soon – so excited to share it and the B-side too. ‘Trying’ will be the A-side so you know that one already! There are plans for new music in the year again and just some great festivals like Truck and Y Not Festival.”