We raved about Geowulf’s hazy 70s-tinged dream pop track ‘Don’t Talk About You‘ back in January last year (link here), and that track now accompanies singles such as ‘Hideaway‘ on the London boy/girl duo’s debut album ‘Great Big Blue’. We caught up with Star Kendrick from the duo to talk about their origins, inspirations and more.

Your track ‘Sunday’ is a blissful delight, what’s the inspiration behind the track?

‘Sunday’ is a feel-good song, but it’s really about feeling lonely on a Sunday.”

How did Geowulf start out?

“Toma and I started writing together and it came together very naturally. We just wanted to write songs for fun, but never imagined the tracks would be so well received!”

Your debut album was just released, who would you say were your influences for the LP?

“We take inspiration from lots of varying places. We both love Fleetwood Mac, Angel Olsen, Mazzy Star, ABBA, Jonathan Wilson, Beach House, The Beach Boys … the list continues.”

You worked with legendary producer Duncan Mills (The Vaccines, Peace) on the album, how was that experience?

“Fantastic. We love Duncan. He really made the tracks come alive and all the nights till 3AM in the studio have definitely been made worth it!”

And finally, what does the remainder of 2018 hold for Geowulf?

“After the album, we will be looking forward to touring. And more writing! Always.”

To celebrate the release of their debut LP, the two-piece headline The Lexington on February 28th. Tickets for this unmissable show are available here.