All hail Headclouds, the intoxicating newcomers who have extended our summer with their hazy sun-flecked gems.

The Newcastle-dwelling quintet surfaced in August with woozy first offering ‘Flowers’, a sparkling slow-burn that wowed online tastemakers, but their follow-up sees them ramp up the fuzz with an impressive homage to some of our favourite noise-pop slackers.

With the shimmering new cut ‘Seen It Before’ out now and ready for you to wrap your ears around below, we got acquainted with Headclouds to hear about their roots and an exciting few months.

‘Seen It Before’ is stunning. How did the track come about?

“‘Seen It Before’ came about when we realised that we had two weeks in which to write and record a new single as our usual producer, the uber-talented Chris McManus, only had two days left for the rest of the year which we could all do. Steven came up with a basic demo and sent it the rest of the band, and the rest of the track more or less wrote itself.”

How did Headclouds start out?

Headclouds spawned from the ashes of our old band High Tide 15:47. Three of the band (Steven, Al and Nick) have been writing together for years, and Cole used to run our rehearsal rooms. He eventually joined in, and we met Jonny through a mutual friend when looking for a wizard to play keys.”

What inspired your name?

Headclouds are the thought bubbles you have when you tend to spend all day daydreaming of being somewhere else and can’t concentrate on what you are doing. One thing as a collective we’re all pretty good at.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“As a band, we all listen to fairly similar stuff. In terms of basic influences, I know Teenage Fanclub, Wilco and Prefab Sprout are our usual references, but we love The Beatles and ‘Modern Life Is Rubbish’-era Blur material – not to mention a not so secret love of Guns N’ Roses and The Police.”

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

“We’re playing with Eat Fast in December who we can’t recommend enough – they’re astoundingly good – and Pronto Mama from Glasgow are amazing too. Besides that, we really enjoyed a band called Stillhound from Scotland when we played Glasgow, and when in London a band called The Caress were great.”

And finally, what does the remainder of 2017 hold for Headclouds?

“2017, considering we only really came to life in the summer, has been incredibly kind to us. We’re finishing it off with two dates in Scotland with Pronto Mama, and a secret gig at Little Buildings in Newcastle with our friends Canyons, Luxury and Eat Fast. It promises to be really festive that one. We’re also putting the finishing touches to our debut EP ‘Pure Honey’, as well as starting new material. 2018 is gonna be busy!”