Weekend tunes don’t come much bigger than the mightily impressive ‘Young Offenders’. The blistering new single from alt-dance rock quartet High Tyde opens with a wallop and rarely lets up, hurtling from one fizzing guitar line to the other at breakneck speed.

The Sussex band’s latest cut is no anomaly though; the band have bouncy tunes by the bucketload, each combining call-to-arms choruses and jerky riffs that bring to mind everyone from Two Door Cinema Club to Foals.

Still with an average age of just twenty, the Worthing four-piece – comprised of bassist and vocalist Cody Thomas-Matthews, guitarists Connor Cheetham and Spencer Tobias-Williams and drummer Louis Semlekan-Faith – have racked up a lofty three million plays on Spotify.

With their brand spanking video out now and available for your viewing pleasure below, we caught up with the foursome to get the lowdown on all things High Tyde.

‘Young Offenders’ is incredible. How did the track come about?

“I remember I got a text from Connor whilst at work saying, “Bruv, you need to get here asap. Got a mad vibe on the go.” I left work early and ‘Young Offenders’ was born in about an hour and a half. The title came from a film I watched the night before called ‘Young Offenders’. I thought that it sounded so dope and at the time the snap election was the thing to be shouting about. So we voiced our opinions.”

How did High Tyde start out?

“We met from knocking about skateparks, to being in other bands that used to play together at youth clubs, and having loads of mutual friends. We were all crazy on indie bands when we met. Especially albums like Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose’ and The Maccabees’ ‘Colour It In’. I loved the noise they were making and it seemed we all shared the same vision, so we started playing together.”

What inspired your name?

“It’s a Noel Gallagher lyric from the first High Flying Birds album. “High tide, summer in the city”. Its real hard to be completely comfortable with a band name when you first start out, as there are endless possibilities as to what it could be, but High Tyde felt right for us. I couldn’t imagine it being anything else.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“Ahh man, narrowing them down to just five is so hard as we listen to so many different types of music, but recently it’s been Queens of the Stone Age,  The Killers, Kanye West, Klaxons and Foals.”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

“The Pale White are dope – really loving their tunes at the minute. Also we got to meet the Sundara Karma boys at a festival in Japan, which was nice. They are lovely guys and I’m a fan of the album.”

And finally, what does the remainder of 2017 hold for High Tyde?

“We wanna release some more songs, as we’ve been intensely writing for a long time now. ‘Young Offenders’ is the first taste of our new material and I’m stoked to get some more out into the world.”