Hidden Herd favourites Hot Dreams delighted us earlier this year at The Finsbury with their dazzling alt-rock and soaring harmonies. Ahead of their appearance at our very first Hidden Herd Festival tomorrow, we caught up with the London quartet to see what they’ve been up to.

What have you been up to so far this year?

Well apart from over May, where we spent the month going up and down the country playing shows (live at leeds, hit the north, great escape, the lexington), we’ve been working on a lot of new material. We’ve been in and out of the studio experimenting with lots of different sounds and songwriting styles. We are currently in the process of mixing two new songs that we are going to put out as singles this autumn, and are also recording a bunch of songs we’ve spent the last 6 months writing.

How did Hot Dreams initially start out?

Kai and I have been writing together on and off since they were 15. At the same time Aaron and Cam had been playing together in bands at school since the same sort of age. Kai and Aaron later met at uni in Brighton and decided to get the four of us together. We started off by playing tunes Kai and I had from before, and after one or two rehearsals played our first show at a house party in Brighton which was absolutely rammed. From then on we all started to write together, with Cam recording and self producing the songs at his studio in Uckfield. After a year of playing shitty venues under the name Pocket Money and recording down any ideas we had, we then decided to get put out our first single Plungepool under the name Hot Dreams and start playing more regular shows.

What inspired your name?

We had been trying to come up with a new name for a while at this point (we had lots of ridiculous suggestions), then one day we were in the car after a long rehearsal, listening to the song Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre when Kai suggested we name ourselves after our favourite song and album at the time. After a couple of weeks pondering on it, we decided over a beer that it was perfect as the album had had such an big influence on the way we went about our music.

Who would you cite as the biggest influences on your sound right now?

Really enjoying Pumarosa at the moment – their album definitely had an impact on the way we have arranged our new music. Foals have always been a big inspiration for us in terms of sounds/timbres. In terms of songwriting it really varies – sometimes we draw influences from the likes of pop bands like The Maccabees (RIP) or Mystery Jets, whereas we also take a lot of inspiration from bands such as Beach House, Timber Timbre, Porches, Majical Cloudz, War On Drugs and Future Islands

Are there any other artists you’ve played with that you’d recommend?

Penelope Isles are wicked. Definitely worth checking them out. And Leo from Palace kindly opened up for us at the Lexington recently with a solo set and that was incredible.

What does the future hold for you?

Well, we’ve written some songs that we are now really proud of, so the next step is releasing them, playing them live and repeating the process.

Hot Dreams play at Hidden Herd festival on September 1st at The Green Door Store in Brighton. Tickets available here via DICE.