The summer may be slipping through our grasp, but the sizzling soundtracks keep a’coming. Brighton five-piece Island Club bring summer vibes by the bucketload on their latest synth-pop tune, which flaunts kaleidoscopic synths, dazzling guitar lines and hazy hooks that recall everyone from Years & Years to newcomers XY&O. With brand-spanking single ‘Call It What You Want’ now out in the wild and ready for your listening pleasure, we caught up with the fast-rising south coast quintet in the last throes of August to talk past, present and future.

‘Call It What You Want’ is awesome. How did the track come about?

“Thank you! Honestly, ‘Call It What You Want’ is a song that draws a tonne of inspiration from our favourite music. We love music that uses vocoder and vocal re-harmonising creatively, and we were listening to a lot of Bon Iver’s album ’22, A Million’ when we decided to try and reference some of that sound in the song. The use of the vocoder in that album just elevates the songs to these strange untrodden places, so we had to try it! The history behind how the sound has been developed across multiple artists is fascinating and worth looking into (google “Chris Messina”), and we came up with our own method to achieve the result!”

How did Island Club start out?

“We met at university. Mike and Julien started jamming together and the current band slowly formed around that. Julien knew Barney from school and when we decided to add synths to the sound he was happy to join!”

What inspired your name?

“It’s straight stolen from some restaurant somewhere. Sam was with a friend who pointed out that it would be a good band name and nicked his idea. It was sort of meant to be temporary, but we like it and a name grows with you sort of so it stuck.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“This is a tricky one, as we listen to a lot of different music. Tame Impala has always been a staple influence but it’s hard to directly reference, because it’s such a unique and owned sound! We take more inspiration from how Kevin Parker went about developing the sound of the band and turning it into this pop masterclass that still had so much genuine musicality. Otherwise, Grimes and her maximalist album ‘Art Angels’, Max Martin’s pop voodoo, upcoming bands with simple but powerful songs like The Amazons, and creative mainstream acts like Frank Ocean. There’s so many more, but that’s probably Top 5 today at least.”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

“We’ve played a show with Marsicans – they’re a really great band from Leeds and worth checking out.”

And finally, what does 2017 hold for Island Club?

“We’re gonna be packing quite a bit into the rest of this year, but we can’t really say anything about it just yet. It’s not the right time, you understand. No, but seriously, we’ll be announcing shows and new music on our social media places soon… so keep a look out.”