Spilling out of Brighton with coastal charm is their latest export, JUMANJI. A six-piece with a dynamic sound and energetic hooks, their music is slowly leaking through the UK with an infectious allure. Ahead of their show with us this Friday, we reached out to see what they’ve been upto.

Your latest EP is huge! How did the songs come about?

We started writing the EP around November time. We all lived together in the past year, so we were really lucky in the fact we could constantly write and jam together on most days. Swings And Roundabouts was the first song that we wrote that kick started this EP and from there our EP was born.

How did ‘Jumanji’ initially start out?

Back In 2015 we all began studying at University and met each other there. Aaron and Ben had already been writing and playing music together since they were in their early teens so that made things easier and then once we met each other at Uni everything just fell into place, we all had the same passion and drive to make music…so we did and here we are!

What inspired your name?

We all love the original Jumanji film as it was an absolute classic growing up. From the get go we knew we wanted to go for a tropical/summer vibe with our sound. So Jumanji just seemed like the perfect name!

Who would you cite as the biggest influences on your sound right now?

It’s a little bit of a lot of things right now. We listen to a very wide variety of music so it’s difficult to pinpoint however we’ve all been listening to a lot of Yonaka, Florence And The Machine and Fickle Friends to name a few at the moment. We have a playlist of all of our music we’ve been listening to at the moment over on our Spotify too if you’re interested!

Are there any other artists you’ve played with that you’d recommend?

The boys in Indigo Velvet we’re an absolute dream to play with. We did a show with them back in Liverpool at the end of last year and got to hang out with them after, they’re killing the game right now too!

What does the future hold for you?

We’ve been writing loads of new music to take into the studio later this month, which we’re really excited about! We’re really enjoying experimenting with our sound at the moment as well and we believe this is our best work to date so we’re itching to share it with new and old fans. We have lots in the works so keep your eyes peeled.