If you’ve yet to be be formally introduced, dazzling newcomers KYLYPSO are the latest gang of nocturnal synth-pop purveyors to emerge from the capital. The London three-piece’s new single ‘Blame Love’ is a gleaming concoction of panoramic synths, glacial guitars, hip-rippling rhythms and dreamy falsettos that recalls everyone from Friendly Fires and Theme Park to The xx and Tame Impala. With the track already a shoe-in for a place on poolside playlists this summer and an EP from the trio in the works, we caught up with KYLYPSO to get the lowdown on everything since the band’s inception.

‘Blame Love’ is brilliant. How did the song come about?

“Oh, thanks very much. It came from a year old idea which Rudi and I (Tom) had shelved. The melodies have remained essentially unchanged, the rest of it we ripped up, sped up or turned upside down to form the track we have now.”

How did the KYLYPSO start out?

“Rudi and I (Tom) were in separate bands, but always wrote together for fun. Both of our previous bands broke up around the same time, so it just felt like the natural thing to make KYLYPSO our main focus. Then we finished our first single ‘Mean 2 U’ and sent it to Hugh to do a mix for us. Over the next year, we kept working with Hugh until we couldn’t really imagine the band without him. Luckily, he wanted to join.”

What inspired the name?

“Jacques Cousteau’s boat ‘Calypso’. Around the time of the band starting, Rudi and I (Tom) used to watch loads of his old exploration shows. They’re both vehicles of adventure!”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

Kendrick Lamar, Caribou, Frank Ocean, Cairobi and Real Lies.”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

Cocoa Futures are amazing live… tropical indie paradise. Childcare – high intensity, catchy songs – and Loco Ono, for the heaviest Ukulele we’ve ever heard. Coby Sey for some introspective cassette trips. We are putting out a Spotify playlist every month with a load of the music we are listening to at the moment and really like. See our Twitter or Facebook if you want to hear more.”

And finally, what does 2017 hold for KYLYPSO?

“We’ve got an EP coming out in September and more shows in the pipeline. Oh, and we are recording what will hopefully be the album. Also we are obsessed with tennis, so hopefully a few line-call arguments and double faults.”