Mixing a euphoric pop sensibility with dreamy vocals and twitchy beats, la lune’s nuanced electro-pop has become a musical mainstay at Hidden Herd HQ over the last year.

The Brighton singer-songwriter and producer already has an enviable back catalogue of blissful slowburners in the vein of The Japanese House, but her latest – a collaboration with London-based Seeva – promises an expansive new direction.

Ahead of la lune playing our penultimate Hidden Herd Presents: SPTLGHT show at Green Door Store on Friday 22nd March with Swimming Girls, we spoke to Olivia Judd (vocals/production) about her influences and more.

How would you describe la lune to a stranger?

“Hmm, that’s always a tricky one! I’d say it’s very dreamy, bursting with warm synths and a lot of layered, almost choral vocals. My music used to be very chill and melancholy, but I’m kind of moving away from that now. I think I’m transitioning into a more established and confident sound, that’s even more pop-driven, and a lot more upbeat – and I’m very excited.”

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

“When I was about 13 or 14, I started to properly discover music and explore my tastes that weren’t just the ABBA records my parents played around the house (no shade on ABBA, I love ABBA). My first love was folk. I loved Gabrielle Aplin, Lucy Rose, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. I think folk will always influence my lyric and melody writing – folk feels very sophisticated and intricate and raw. Bon Iver is still a huge influence – he hits a place in me like nobody else can – but I’m also inspired by artists like Lorde, The Japanese House, Banks and James Blake. I love the weird sounds they use and their innovative, unique approach to songwriting and production; it fascinates me.”

What was the best gig you’ve played so far?

“Hmm, I think I enjoy different gigs for different reasons – even the awful ones because although they suck a lot at the time, you learn the most from them. 2000trees Festival was lovely because there was a bigger audience than I expected and I had so much nice feedback afterwards, which is always a bit of an ego boost. I also played a show in London at The Victoria a few months back, which was a lot of fun – again, a really engaged and supportive audience. It’s always the crowd that make all the difference to a show.”

You’re based in Brighton – what’s your local music scene like?

“I think the Brighton music scene is great, but sometimes a bit limiting. There’s a lot of indie and soul bands knocking around, which is cool, but other genres like pop and electronic can get a bit drowned out. Having said that, there’s always so much going on for such a small town, and I am really grateful that there is such a thriving and interesting music scene here, and always a gig to go to, any day of the week.”

Who are the THREE other new artists we should listen to right now and why?

“Oooh, that’s a tough one – there’s so many to choose from. For the more pop and electronic artists, I’d have to say that Seeva is someone that should be on everyone’s radar. We’ve actually got a track out together, which is really exciting! He’s great. I also like Millie Turner – she’s doing really well, I saw her at one of The Great Escape’s First Fifty gigs a few months back. Everyone should listen to her song ‘Night Running’ – it’s a banger. I’m also a big fan of Brighton-based three-piece heavy rock band, Peace In Protest. They’re always gigging around Brighton and put on a great show – for anyone who’s a fan of Basement, Press To Meco or Arcane Roots!”

And finally, what does 2019 hold for la lune?

“Ahhhh, so much! I have never been so excited to release music before. More than ever, I feel like I have established my sound and who I am, and I can’t wait for people to hear it. As I just mentioned, I’ve got my first ever collaboration out now with Seeva and then in the spring, I plan on releasing two singles ahead of my second EP, which is set to be released in its entirety at the start of the summer. I’m definitely becoming braver and bolder with my sound and straying away from the melancholy, slow beats. It sounds a bit cringe, but I feel like I’m entering a new phase of this project, and I am absolutely buzzing.”

la lune will play Hidden Herd Presents: SPTLGHT at Green Door Store on Friday 22nd March in Brighton alongside Swimming Girls, Comforts and Pollon. Tickets are available via DICE.