Newcomers laronge are ones to keep a fixed gaze on.

The Bristol duo describe their sound as “feel good music with hip-hop sensibilities and contemplative lyrics” and that it is. Their enveloping sound is vividly kaleidoscopic and unreels in a dreamlike haze; an awesome wave of ethereal electro-pop that slaloms impressively between cathartic and contagious.

With new single ‘Third and Indiana’ now unleashed and available to stream below, we caught up with laronge to get the lowdown on their influences and origins.

‘Third and Indiana’ is brilliant. How did the track come about?

“This song was born out of frustration with how impressionable and sycophantic people are nowadays. They ensnare themselves in this bubble by surrounding themselves with likeminded people on social media, which proliferates this expectancy of having to act in certain way or have a certain opinion or wear certain clothes. It’s so infuriating and insufferable. It’s what we imagine drowning would be like. So this was almost a tongue in cheek way of expressing our opinion on the matter. I guess it’s the proverbial bamboo shoot under water providing us with some much needed oxygen.”

How did laronge start out?

“We both met at Maastricht art fair last year and we were the only Bristolians there. So we hit it off from there.”

What inspired your name?

“It been Josh’s gamer tag throughout his life.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“We try and refrain from saying what our influences are, because when people read that sort of information, they’ll have a preconceived idea and predetermined opinion of what we’ll sound like. However, bands that we’re listening to at the minute are: Dirty Projectors, Mount Kimbie, BROCKHAMPTON, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts and Rostam.”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

“We haven’t played live yet, but there are plenty of cool bands around Bristol. We know some of the guys in Swimming Girls and Kambiz went to uni with one of the guys in Bad Sounds. They’re two of our faves.”

And finally, what does the rest of 2017 hold for laronge?

“Who knows what 2017 holds? People are already advertising Christmas, so if we’re going by that, we may as well write 2017 off.”