In need of a soundtrack to soothe your soul this weekend? Meet alt-electro-pop act Luna Pines.

The DIY Leeds trio create atmospheric and cathartic soundscapes wrapped around kaleidoscopic synths and pulsating beats, recalling a host of our favourite dream-poppers such as The Japanese House and London-based duo IDER. But there’s more at play than just tranquil melodies; the lyrics to the three-piece’s latest offering are a raw and powerful exploration of one band member’s battle with a severe anxiety disorder, which turns the track into an intimate and poignant voyage.

With this new single ‘My Own Ceiling’ out now and ready to listen to below, we talked to Luna Pines to dig a little deeper.

‘My Own Ceiling’ is stunning. How did the track come about?

Lotte (drums/synthesizers/production): “I was working with a Texas based producer called The Feel Department last summer, and it got me into more clean cut sounds, similar to artists like Tycho, and it got me coming up with these kind of ideas. The lyrics were there before the music ever was, but I guess we wanted to create an epic kind of song, which really showed all sides of our sound.”

Ellie (violin/synthesizers): “It was song that Lotte always had a demo of, and although it was written a while ago, the three of us realised it was definitely something we wanted to work on and release. It was a great song already but to get to where it was it became more of a collaborative piece, with Liv and I adding to the arrangement and melody lines.”

Olivia (vocals/guitar): “Thank you! We jammed it out for the live sets a bit and changed some things around to fit the new line up. Will (our session guitarist who plays in the live shows) added some great parts too and it just naturally changed the more we played it together, forming this new version.”

How did Luna Pines start out?

Lotte: “I started the band two years ago at University, with a completely different line up which still included me and Ellie. In June we got Olivia in on Guitar and Vocals and it just seems to be the perfect fit, so we’re really excited about everything to come!”

Olivia: “I got involved in June when they were looking for a new guitarist and singer, I’d heard their stuff before and knew they had lots of amazing gigs coming up. I wanted to push myself to get involved, and I knew Lotte and Ellie were passionate about Luna Pines and I was excited to see what we could create together.”

Ellie: “Yeah, when were looking for a new singer, and people put themselves forward but we didn’t really see anyone that would fit. I was good friends with Liv beforehand and she showed a lot of interest – before we even heard her sing the songs we knew it would work.”

What inspired your name?

Lotte: “Woods and pine trees surrounded the house I used to live in as a kid back in Holland, and now I always go back to visit it in the winter, which is a very dark time of year, hence the name Luna Pines. To me our music is quite nostalgic and atmospheric, and I definitely want people to associate the name and the music as a reminder of a calming and perhaps better place in their memory, as it does for me.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

Olivia: “At the moment I am really into soulful, minimalistic music – Bruno Major has got me at the moment I can’t stop listening to him! But also artists like Bon Iver, Bonobo and Nick Hakim, they just captivate me so much when I listen to them – it’s a feeling I don’t really get from anything else.”

Lotte: “I think we all have different influences, which is really cool, and makes our music different. For me I’d say Brand New’s new album ‘Science Fiction’ is a really big influence on the ideas I’m coming up with at the moment. Also Julien Baker’s new stuff is amazing, and as always I’m listening to so much M83 at the moment, that’s one of my favourite artists ever.”

Ellie: “Yeah we all have different taste but they meet in the middle somewhere. I love instrumental music, trip-hop and ambient electronica. I guess that comes from being a classical violinist and always playing instrumental music too. I also love artists like James Blake and Bon Iver whose songs seem similarly thought out as instrumental compositions.”

Any other new bands that you’ve played with and would recommend?

Lotte: “We played a show a couple months ago with Peakes, Laminate Pet Animal and Loux, who all went to Leeds College of Music like us, and they are all such amazing bands that people really need to check out. They make me very excited to get involved in the Leeds music scene, and are definitely some of the best bands in it at the moment.”

Olivia: “Yeah, those bands, Kell and Silver Wilson are absolutely killing it at the moment and we have had the pleasure of playing with them all in the past. Check them out, they’re wicked!”

Ellie: “We always love playing with Leeds College of Music alumni, mainly because it always makes me feel a bit proud to be from the same education as some wicked bands. Another great LCoM band are Joule- we played with them at the Her Music PR launch last weekend and I fell in love with their sound. I’m pretty sure they’re releasing new music soon too.”

And finally, what does the remainder of 2017 hold for Luna Pines?

Lotte: “We’ve got a few more shows booked in at venues like Brudenell Social Club & Hifi Club in Leeds, and we’re working on some new music to hopefully release soon. Other than that we want to definitely build our live set up a lot more, and hopefully start some collaborations with other artists.”

Olivia: “I think it’s just to keep on the grid, trying to get bigger and better, gigging at great venues in Leeds and finding new artists along the way!”