Magnus Chapple is a rising up-and-comer breaking through London’s alt-pop scene. With dense, baritone vocals that transcend his modest age of 20, his style has us reminiscent of King Krule’s confident allure, albeit with a far more accessible sound. We caught up with the singer/ songwriter to see what he’s been up to.

Easy Times is a captivating track with a bittersweet undertone. How did you find the inspiration to write the song?

This song was inspired by a vivid recurring dream I used to have where I came across a homeless man with an amazing outlook on life. He gave me a lot of advice on how to be happy with what you have and to live care-free. However, as dreams so often do, it took a turn for the worst and ended in him fading away. This dream has stuck with me for a while and so I thought it was fitting to write a song about it. The style of the track is very different to my usual stuff but it just came naturally, I always wanted to make a lover’s rock song as I love the romantic reggae sound but with this track I used sorrowful and reflective lyrical content which contrasts with the upbeat harmonic progression.

How did your journey into music start out?

I was passionate about music from a young age, performing in the choir at school and doing solo performances, but it wasn’t until my final years at college that I actually considered doing it full time and pursuing a career in music. I recorded and released a three track EP called “Unheard” in 2015 and this set me on the path of releasing a track every few months, basically whenever I could get studio time I would release a song soon after. I then went from college into a music university in London where I have been studying for the past couple years, this connected me with a whole network of musicians and really helped to develop my music.

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

When I’m in the studio I try not to get too influenced by anyone but sub-consciously I’m sure I have been. I have been listening to a lot of Big Red Machine, I love their style of hectic drums contrasting with beautiful and clean cut melodies really interests me. Another artist is Sampha, just for his incredible melodies and distinctive voice. JPEGMAFIA’s production I really love and would love to make some more tracks more like his style. Herbie Hancock has influenced me for a while with his incredible keys/synth solos and crazy tracks. Finally, Parcels have been my soundtrack for the last few months so they are bound to be influencing what I’m making at the moment.

Any other new artists you have played with or listened to that you
would recommend?

I’m loving Obijuan right now, he just released an album and it’s mad I highly recommend. We played a show a few months back and he’s such a nice guy be sure to check him out.

And finally, what does the future hold for Magnus Chapple?

I’ve got my debut album coming out next year, I’m very excited about that, we might even be going on a UK tour, maybe with some Europe dates. I will have a few singles from the album releasing over the next few months, but for now keep updated on my socials, got some very exciting things happening.