Hidden Herd have long been captivated by the bewitching sound of London’s Marine, an enchanting concoction that recalls everyone from PJ Harvey to Warpaint.

The quartet, who combine dreamy dual vocals with glacial guitarwork, intricate beats and hypnotic bass, have just recorded their debut album ‘Fable Electric’ with Rob Ellis (Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey, Cold Specks) and the fruits of their labour will land on March 23rd via The Vinyl Factory.

With the band set to appear at The Finsbury this evening (February 16th) – as part of the next Lost In The Manor vs Hidden Herd night alongside Hot Dreams, Headclouds and Twilight Driving – we spoke to Marine to hear about their origins, influences and more.

Your latest single ‘Sirens’ is stunning. How did the track come about?

Ruby Jack (lead vocals/guitar): “‘Sirens’ is fairly unique for us in the way that it came together. When we first started writing as a band, either Cara (lead vocals/guitar) or I would bring the sapling of a song to the table and we would work on it and grow it as a band. These early seeds usually included a chord progression, topline melody and often some loose lyrics. In the case of ‘Sirens’, I had some chords and a topline melody, both of which I had been messing around with for a while, and I thought it would be cool to bring that to Cara at an earlier point in the writing process. The chorus topline melody sort of twists and falls like an oriental (Joanna Newsom-inspired) creeper plant! Whenever I sing it, the physical twists and turns in the melody play on my spine. I’ve always felt it there. As for the lyrics, we truly geeked out over this fable and alternative possible fables. Cara took our experiences of travelling in India and weaved them into the creeper plant melody and the mythology of sailors being lured into the sea by sirens! Then Beth (bass) and Kaja (drums) grunged it up and ‘Sirens’ became the queen that she now is!”

How did Marine start out?

“We all met through each other’s music in London!”

What inspired your name?

Beth Dariti (bass): “We like to keep things open to interpretation…I think Marine was the first thing we came up with that felt that it had a slight abstraction and fluidity that we like in our music. We also just love sea monsters.”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, Van Morrison, Meshell Ndegeocello and Jimi Hendrix.”

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

“Peluche, Bat and Ball and Lunar Waves.”

And finally, what does the future hold for Marine?

“We are releasing our debut album (on vinyl!) on March 23rd with The Vinyl Factory, which we are very excited about!”