Model Aeroplanes exploded onto the music scene in 2013 with their infectious single ‘Crazy’. Since then the Scottish indie-pop quartet have gone from strength to strength with their debut EP ‘Something Like Heaven’, released through Island Records last year, demonstrating why their one of Scotland’s most promising bands.

Having previously supported Little Comets and The View, Model Aeroplanes are no strangers to hitting the road with established acts. Before taking to the stage with innovative Norwegian band Kakkmaddafakka at London’s iconic music venue The Garage, we sat down with the band for a quick interview.

What are your favourite songs to perform live?

Grant – “Probably mostly new ones that we haven’t released yet. For me anyway the favourite song I like to perform is a new one called ‘Better with You’ or ‘Not the Words You Want’.”
Rory – “I’m looking forward to ‘I Don’t Mind’, it’s our first time playing it tonight live ever.”

What bands do you find inspirational?

Grant – “There’s musical inspiration and there’s just general inspiration. People that inspire you, not just with their music, but how they’ve done stuff and faced certain adversities.”
Rory – “Little Comets are inspiring considering they do everything off their own back. It’s really cool to see.”
Grant – “They’re really switched on musically as well. You get some bands that just don’t take that much pride or care in the music or the technical aspect but those guys are the complete opposite.”

Do you prefer smaller gigs or festivals and bigger shows?

Rory – “It just varies I think. I just like a gig especially when you don’t think they’re gunna be good, it’s the crowd that really makes it. You can play quite shit or you can make a few mistakes or whatever but if the crowds just going for it, it’s a really good feeling.”
Kieran – “For example, when we played a show in Norway and we were the first on opening the stage. We were all kind of nervous because there was absolutely no one in the building yet. Then we set up our gear and came back to 400 people in the room.”
Rory – “Or the show where we met Kakkmaddafakka at in Germany we were actually three hours late after being stuck in traffic for nine hours. We ended up missing out stage time and having to do an acoustic show. But it turned out to be way better. There were just all these people that turned out in this wee garden to see us.”

What plans have Model Aeroplanes got for 2017?

Ben – “Just play as much as we can.”
Grant – “We’re going to bring out a couple of songs. There’s so much new music coming, you can’t comprehend.”
Rory – “If you tried to fit it all in your pants, they would burst.”
Grant – “You would have to have very big pants.”
Rory – “Or if you put them all in your mouth you’d choke.”
Grant- “Don’t try that at home.”

Have you got a dream venue that you inspire to play one day?

Rory – “I think I would like to headline Caird Hall. It’s a concert hall in Dundee where all the big bands play. Dundee doesn’t get that many touring bands through though.”
Grant – “Bowie and The Beatles both played there. Kasabian played there a couple of years ago, it would be good for a Dundee band to do it.”

How did it feel when you were signed to Island Records at nineteen?

Rory – “It felt great. We played it down quite a lot but it’s like your biggest ambition as someone that doesn’t really know much about music.”
Grant – “Even though it’s only the first step on the ladder, that’s where the hard work starts. I remember us walking out of the Universal buildings phoning like our mums.”

Say you’re stranded on a desert island and you have to pick three albums to listen to. What would they be?

After much deliberation surrounding the rules and debating the merit of various Fleetwood Mac albums, Model Aeroplanes arrived at:
Grant – “‘Tango In the Night’ (Fleetwood Mac), ‘Currents’ (Tame Impala), ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ (Bombay Bicycle Club)”
Rory – “‘Multi-Love’ (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), ‘Modern Vampires of the City’ (Vampire Weekend), ‘Young Americans’ (David Bowie) and ‘Purple Rain’ (Prince)”
Ben – “‘Total Life Forever’ (Foals), ‘Rumours’ (Fleetwood Mac) and ‘Graceland’ (Paul Simon)”
Kieran – “Darwin Deez’s self-titled album, ‘So Long See You Tomorrow’ (Bombay Bicycle Club) and Chic’s self-titled album”

What’s the worst gig Model Aeroplanes have ever played?

Grant – “That time one of us fell onto Kieran’s drum kit.”
Ben – “That was a class gig.”
Rory – “I fell on my arse at Kendal Calling, but thankfully we haven’t had too many tit ups.”

You played an event in aid of SAMH (the Scottish Association for Mental Health). With that in mind, what do you think could be done to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health?

Rory – “I think men especially, not saying women don’t go through the same stuff, are reluctant to tell people about stuff they’re facing and be open about feeling depressed. I think men need to be taught from a younger age to be more open.”
Grant – “As soon as you stop caring about what other people think and people show you some support then you go I actually feel like I can open up. At the end of the day, I think a lot of people need to stop being so cold and just be a bit warmer to people. Ask people how they are, don’t just wait until they look sad.”
Rory – “Everyone could be encouraged to speak about their mental health more often. There’s a lot more that can be done before just medicating people.”