Stockport foursome No Hot Ashes make dizzying, funk-tinged guitar pop and their singles to date are an adventureland of chiming guitars and sugarcoated refrains that were seemingly custom made for airless, sweat-drenched rooms. With the fast-rising outfit set to light up CloseUp Festival 2018 – a pick n mix of exciting new music at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen – we spoke to the band about their formation, influences and future.

How did No Hot Ashes start out?

“Luigi (guitar/vocals), Isaac (vocals/guitar) and Matt (drums) all met at high school in Stockport and Jack (bass) joined whilst in college. We began rehearsing and chilling out with each other in Matt’s garage and began gigging the local Manchester circuit on unsigned nights, but it wasn’t until 2015/2016 we began to take things really seriously and things started happening for us. The current lineup was birthed around early 2014. We then met our now long-term producer Gavin Monaghan in late 2014, when he approached us after he came across some of our early demos. We recorded our first Single ‘Goose’ with him and the rest is history.”

What inspired your name?

“Check your wheelie bins!”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“Tom Misch, Mr Jukes, The Magic Gang, Nile Rodgers (has been forever) and Bootsy Collins (same as).”

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

“FOXE, The Blinders and Vistas.”

And finally, what does the future hold for No Hot Ashes?

“Hopefully a lot more shows, dancing, making new music and travelling. We’d love to soon justify quitting our jobs and university to pursue this band.”