The synth-loaded funk pop of Aussie group Parcels has had us gripped for quite some months now. First we were wooed by groovy single ‘Gamesofluck’ – a vibrant blend of off-kilter disco, funky fretwork à la Chic and glorious gang harmonies – and then follow-up ‘Older’ cemented things, with its earworming guitar hook and minimal arrangement that recalled the likes of Darwin Deez and Metronomy. In the wake of their excellent new EP ‘Hideout’ – which features both tracks plus a host of other infectious, avant pop nuggets – we spoke to Parcels to delve a little deeper into their immersive world.

We can’t get enough of the ‘Hideout’ EP. How did the new title track come about?

“Thanks! The guitar / bass riff that holds the basis of ‘Hideout’ came from an old project. We used to play in all sorts of bands and one of them was a classic cheesy funk band, complete with choreographed dance moves and all! Jules resurfaced that riff into a Parcels setting and we went from there.”

How about ‘Allaround’ – where did that one come from?

“That also was inspired by an older track, the chorus melody was from an earlier demo and after being reworked a thousand times that was where we ended up. I guess we have been getting inspired by bits and pieces of our musical past. Often we find there is just one or two meaningful elements in a track and try and work with that.”

What inspired your name?

“In Australia, Louie’s parents live in a big old wooden house in the hills by the coast. It’s a beautiful place with all sorts of antique furniture and what not and it’s where most of us grew up jamming together and hanging out. In the middle of the house sits an ancient post office sign from which we took our name. That word Parcels was always right in front of our noses!”

Who are the Top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

“It’s changing constantly, but right now let’s say J.J. Cale, Todd Terje, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Tiger and Woods and Mahavishnu Orchestra.”

Any other new artists that you’ve played with and would recommend?

“We get to play with some amazing bands! It’s so satisfying getting to meet like-minded musicians on the road. We played with Papooz last time we were in France and we’ve played some shows in Germany with Private Agenda and also with Hush Moss. These three all bring sweet sweet groove, so we’d highly recommend checking them out!”

And finally, what does 2017 hold for Parcels?

“Absolute chaos. Shows are piling up at festivals and small clubs around Europe and we are so excited to play to more dancing people. We’ll be on the road a lot of the time playing mostly Germany, UK and France, but also some other places that we’ve never been. Between all of that, we’ll be back in Berlin writing and recording new music. We’re very inspired about writing new tunes, about playing the shows too. This is really the life.”